Japanese Law Translation Database System Standard Terms of Use

1. Using Content from This Site
 The content published on this site ("site content") may be freely used, copied, transmitted to the public, translated, or otherwise modified, on the condition that you comply with points 1) to 5) below. Commercial use of site content is also permitted. Numerical data and simple tables, graphs, and so forth may be used freely; these Terms of Use do not apply to them as they are not under copyright.
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1) Source Citation
a. Please cite the source when using site content. Sources may be cited as follows:
(Example Citation)
Source: Japanese Law Translation Database System <URL of the relevant page>
b. When using site content that has been edited, please indicate this in the source citation. You are prohibited from publishing or otherwise using edited content that could be misconstrued as having been created by the government of Japan (or any of its ministries or agencies).
(Example Citation for Edited Site Content)
Edited content sourced from the Japanese Law Translation Database System (Ministry of Justice) <URL of the relevant page>
2) Site content to which these Terms of Use do not apply
These Terms of Use do not apply to the following site content.
? The symbol, logo, or character that represents an organization or a specific undertaking (see Annex for details).
3) Governing Law and Jurisdiction
a. These Terms of Use are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Japan.
b. The parties agree that, in the event of a dispute involving these Terms of Use or the use of site content based on these Terms of Use, the Tokyo District Court is to be the court of exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance.
4) Exemption from Liability
a. The government of Japan is in no way liable for any action you take involving the use of site content (including use of content based on edited site content).
b. Site content may be modified, moved, or deleted without prior notice.
5) Other
a. These Terms of Use are not intended to restrict quotation from sources as per the Copyright Act and other similar uses.
b. These Terms of Use were established on March 22, 2016, based on the Government Standard Terms and Conditions (Version 2.0), and may be modified in the future. If you are already using site content in accordance with a previous version of the Government of Japan Standard Terms and Conditions, those conditions continue to apply.
c. These Terms of Use are interchangeable with the conditions for permissible copyright use under Creative Commons License: Attribution 4.0 International ("CC BY 4.0"). This means that site content to which these Terms of Use apply may also be used in accordance with CC BY 4.0.

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