The Japanese Law Translation Database System is a website managed by the Ministry of Justice
that provides translations of Japanese laws and regulations.

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    Promoting the translation of Japanese laws and regulations into foreign languages

  With the advance of globalization in human activities, the translation of Japanese laws and regulations into foreign languages establishes not only a base for promoting investment in Japan and facilitating international business but also a base for Japan to gain high valuation and trust from the international community by disseminating information about the country’s legal system and expertise.
  The Cabinet’s task force on judicial reform stated in November 2004 that "it is absolutely essential that Japan's laws and regulations be readily and precisely understood, and we must loose no time in developing an infrastructure to promote the translation of our laws and regulations into foreign languages."
  Subsequently, the Cabinet’s Liaison Conference of the Relevant Ministries and Agencies for Developing a Foundation for Promoting Translation of Japanese Laws and Regulations into Foreign Languages decided on the creation and revision of the Standard Legal Terms Dictionary as a translation guideline, on the formulation of a translation plan for essential laws and regulations that are greatly in need of translation, and on the establishment and promotion of a functional website. (For details of the decisions by the Liaison Conference, please follow this link.)
  As a result of the decisions reached at the Liaison Conference, in April of 2009, the Ministry of Justice launched the Japanese Law Translation Database (this website) and, in addition to making laws and regulations that have been translated by the relevant ministries and agencies available to the public, the Ministry of Justice is also engaged in making the necessary revisions to the Standard Legal Terms Dictionary.
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